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  • Reminder: Required Training for Workday

    Employees with Accountant, PCard Holder, or PCard Cost Center Manager roles in Georgia Tech's new Workday financial system are required to take training in preparation of the July 1 launch.

  • NSF Invests $4 Million in Big Data for Southern United States

    Precision medicine and understanding health disparities, innovation to power competitive manufacturing, technology for smarter communities, and addressing coastal hazards such as hurricanes are among the challenges facing the Southern United States. A $4 million award from the National Science Foundation (NSF) will help apply data science and engineering to address those challenges.

  • Two Research Vice Presidents Named in EVPR Office

    Georgia Tech has announced the selection of two outstanding faculty members to serve as vice presidents in the Office of the Executive Vice President for Research. Each appointment is 75%, allowing them time to continue their established work as faculty members.

  • Georgia Smart Communities Challenge Selects Four New Community Projects

    Four new Georgia communties will explore how to advance and revitalize their communities with assitance from researchers at Georgia Tech. In partnership with the Institute for People and Technology and located in Tech Square's Centergy Building, Georgia Tech’s initiative on Smart Cities and Inclusive Innovation develops innovative approaches to shaping resilient and sustainable communities. Through research and development, strategic partnerships, and cutting-edge programming we bring Georgia Tech's interdisciplinary expertise in technology and policy to the development of smart cities and communities.