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  • Faculty, Staff Honored at 2019 Luncheon

    Members of the Tech community were honored at the 2019 Faculty and Staff Honors Luncheon on Friday, April 19.

  • Through Tragedy on Easter — The Coming of Spring

    I am not a spiritual or religious man. I try hard to be a good man, undoubtedly influenced by my Catholic upbringing and education. It is in that context that I find it particularly horrific to wake up to the news of a terrorist attack on Christian churches in Sri Lanka. 

  • Atomic Beams Shoot Straighter via Cascading Silicon Peashooters

    Atomic beams conjure fantasies of gigantic Space Force cannons. But tiny atomic beams now shoot out of newly engineered collimators, a kind of particle peashooter, that could land in handheld devices. The beams create precise inertia better than a gyroscope's that could help spacecraft navigate. The atomic beams from the new silicon collimators could also let physicist cheaply and easily produce exotic quantum states for study.

  • Computing, Business Students Share Top Honor

    The Love Family Foundation Award is one of the highest awards Georgia Tech gives to a student each year.